The Master Class: For the Working Actor

The Master Class
The Master Class 2018-03-09T20:09:49-08:00

Master Class w/ Artistic Director Eugene Buica and Scott Conte

by audition or invitation only – for working and represented actors

The title carries two implications; one, that acting mastery is a state already achieved by all attendees, or two, that one will master acting at some point during the class. While the first definition can lead to a great deal of slacking, the second is just as perilous – the idea of a plateau is anathema to the creative process.

So why call it a master class? Because the real goal of this acting class is mastery over yourself. Where are you going with your acting, and why? What are you doing, and what’s getting in the way? How is Hollywood responding to you and how can we change that? What career moves will get you the career you deserve?

The class is investigative in nature, i.e., it may at times address what we don’t know that we don’t know. One thing is certain, participants will be asked to do what they fear and become self-defined artists, and not just actors who can cold read.

Actors choose their own material, and there are student generated projects, either film or stage. The class is ongoing, creating a sense of ensemble.

In addition, participants who are ready will be invited to put up their work at the Works In Progress evening the fourth Friday of every month, playing to an actual audience and getting feedback from their teachers.

And lastly, everyone is required to attend TWO Daily Acting
Workout (DAW) sessions every week, which are included.

There is a minimum of a 6 month commitment.

Time: Monday and Wednesday Nights, 7.30PM-11.30PM
Price: $299/4 weeks

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