Advanced Program

“I don’t believe there is a single facet of my acting that has been left unimproved by the exceptionally brilliant acting minds that teach here at The Acting Corps.”John T., Milwaukee, WI

“This place has an outstanding faculty. Also, the Works In Progress nights are such a good tool to get us used to performing.” Pedro S., Barcelona, SPAIN

“I now have a better understanding of how to put my techniques to work. From performing in the WIPs, I have learned to play more naturally without any nerves. I have an increase in knowledge of how to break down a scene.” Susan R., Nashville, TN

“The Advanced Program has given me a change to put into practice everything I’ve learned in Boot Camps 1 and 2. It has also allowed me to realize what works for me as an actor and is helping me honey my approach to material.” Virginia M., Albuquerque, NM

“The Advanced Program has helped me to get in touch with the inner, more vulnerable me. And to be comfortable with who I am and what I embody and portray.” Veronica P., Rome, NY

“The AP has helped boost my confidence and allowed me to find my way to work.” Tyler K., West Sussex, ENGLAND

“The AP has given me the tools to grow as a person and as an actor. AP has given me the tools to confidently go out there and become an actor.” Elle M., ISRAEL

“The AP has helped me with character analysis. Through class participation and observation, I’ve learned to understand the characters much more quickly than before. The class has also helped me to stay rooted in the techniques I’ve learned through Bootcamp I and Bootcamp II.” Pepper A., East Los Angeles, CA

“It took awhile for me to finally understand the Chekhov technique, but when I finally got it, I feel that I improved my acting and it became clearer.” Wilcox B., Scranton, PA

“The Acting Corps has helped me closely define every aspect of my acting career.” Tristan C., Austin, TX

“Great great experience. Love every minute of it. Totally worth the money; no regrets here. Highly recommended.” Karina G., Orange, CA

“I came to this school with absolutely no experience. Every class I learned something new and interesting. With that my love for acting grew as well. Thank you all!” Henry M., Chino Hills, CA

“I love the sense of community and support of being a part of something I believe in. I have felt safe and supported by my fellow actors and teachers to be open and vulnerable while doing scene work and exercises. The Acting Corps has built my self-confidence and has taught me so much. I truly feel it has changed my life and has made my acting 100% better than when I first arrived.” – Isabelle C., Jamestown

“The school is great. I have learned so much — it has really fanned the flames in me to act and pursue this. This school has opened my eyes, soul, and brain.” – Carl F., Paris

“This is the best acting class I have ever taken. I feel more than ready to audition.” – Henry B., Marseille

“This is the best choice I could’ve possibly made. I love this school and appreciate every staff member I’ve encountered here.” – Alicia V., Reno

“I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to attend this amazing school. I feel very lucky to come to have found this place.” – Matt F., Los Angeles

“I’ve become so much more confident and completely gotten over my stage fright. My acting has improved drastically.” – Erika C., Columbia

“This place not only inspires and educates you as an actor, but helps you find things about yourself you never knew before.” – Rebecca M., Glendale

“I never knew that I could grow so much as an artist and as a person. I have gained invaluable tools to apply to my acting scenes/career.” – Abigail F., Flagstaff

“What your school has done for my acting is indescribable. I went from beginner to actor in lightning speed! More importantly you helped me grow as a person and into a stronger human being and for that I will forever be grateful.” – Tessa B., Los Angeles

“I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person besides improving my acting skills. The teacher’s approach helped me to open up and discover much more flexibility in my acting performance than ever before. ” – Judith P., Pittsburgh

“The approach here is gold. Simple. Exquisite.” – Mark Q., Washington D.C.

“If you are committed it is a place where you can grow tremendously in a short amount of time. There’s a lot of support to help you through all the many blocks of resistance that comes with doing this type of work.” – Christopher M., Paris