The Actors’ Bootcamp

“The Acting Corps allowed me to find a greater confidence within myself as an actor. It has allowed me to see that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m truly grateful having had this experience. This is something I will never forget. Thank you for all your dedication to the craft.” Megan M., Ontario, CANADA

“I started The Acting Corps with virtually no experience. They made me feel very welcome and accepted. I have knowledge now about making changes to others, script reading, and being in the moment at hand. They have helped my personality by bringing out things in me that had been buried for a long time. Thank you all and I will be continuing my studies here at The Acting Corps.” David M., Parkersburg, West Virginia

“Just let go of all you know, and let in all they [The Acting Corps] are giving. Don’t let your ego steal your education. Love, Faith, Live.”Vanness Wu, TAIWAN

“The Acting Corps is a great place to learn the fundamentals and apply acting principals and techniques to hands on acting labs. It’s a great experience of learning and preparing. I am excited to commence Boot Camp II. The instructors were friendly; excellent at their craft and down to earth. Thank you Acting Corps.” John S., Denver, CO

“This class has not only provided me a better base from which I can be more confident auditioning, it has also afforded me the opportunity to get a better understanding of myself. I look forward to applying these skills in my career and in my social life. Thank you for giving me my money’s worth!” Kevin M., Sanger, CA

“The Acting Corps has really woken me up from my break from acting. My excitement and love for acting has returned in full force thanks to this amazing place. In just a month, this place has become my home – a safe place to take off my mask and take chances. I will never forget my experiemce here and I will take everything I learned to heart and continue to grow. Thank you Acting Corps!” Steven M., San Diego

“Hands down, the most effective approach for any actor to get back on their feet in a quick and comfortable way!” Chris A., Las Vegas, NV

“This is where you can free yourself.” Chase P., Phoenix, AZ

“The Acting Corps is one of, if not the best acting school I’ve had the fortune of attending. Everyone at the Corps is helpful and friendly. The teachers know what they’re talking about, and they take it seriously. I was a bit put off by the initial price, but I have to say: If I had to go back in time, and do it again… I would do so in a heartbeat.” Robert D., Garden Grove, CA

“Boot Camp I opened my eyes to the world of acting and it’s nothing like I thought. It’s really about connecting and relating. I feel I am walking away much more informed, with new skills, renewed passion and very appreciative.” Ed Cohen, Talent Management Executive, Author – Leadership Without Borders

“The Acting Corps has not only made me into the actor I am today, but it has made me a better person. The teachers, classmates, and good energy that comes from this school can not be found elsewhere.” Katie M., Newport Beach

“The Acting Corps opens you up to the possibility that you really are all you have and you are more than enough. The teachers are working professionals and completely dedicated to their students. They make it all positive, safe, and possible.” Angela M., New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

“The teachers are awesome. The facility is great and the technique is amazing.” Chez’ Ney, Kansas City, MO

“Devote four weeks of your life to discovering whether or not acting is for you. You won’t be disappointed.” Robert M., Santa Ana CA

If you want to understand the craft and become a complete actor then this class is a must. Your preconceived notions of acting will be blown away. You will improve 1000% if you are fully committed and give your all! If this is your passion then get your ass in class! Trevor J., Lake Forest, CA

“The Acting Corps is fun, unintimidating and can help anybody improve their acting skills.” Matt S., Valencia, CA

“An excellent place for the beginner to feel safe to explore their potential.” Darren M., Chatsworth, CA

“The Acting Corps is a really great school. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Unlike many acting schools, The Acting Corps has real working actors (as teachers) that sincerely want you to be successful. This experience has been so great, I can’t even put it into words.”Laura R., Weston, FL

“I completely enjoyed my experience even when I was pushed out of my comfort zone. Each of my teachers were experts in the acting subject and at the same time diverse in all the areas of acting. It went by much too fast.” Nancy B., Huntington Beach, CA

“I was very pleased with my Boot Camp I training. It was exactly what I was looking for. I found that the teachers were more than qualified. Not even close to a waste of my time or money.” Lisa M., San Diego, CA

“The Acting Corps is an experience to be reckoned with! This program meets and exceeds all expectations. It’s the place to go if you’re serious about your craft!” Kyliah L., Long Beach, CA

“Not only have I learned more in the past 4 weeks about ‘what acting is’ than I have my entire career, but I’ve also learned more about myself and that is very important in this profession. It’s a beautiful thing to be in an environment with people and instructors who love this art form as much as you do. I love it and would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about this profession.” Teena P., Long Beach, CA

“I learned more about acting than all of my previous attempts to learn the craft. The Acting Corps does not promise to make you a star. It does promise to give you the fundamentals you need that, with hard work, you can become successful. I loved every minute of it.” Patrick G., Hot Springs, AR

“The Acting Corps is an amazing experience. The teachers are fantastic and real. It helped me a lot to realize the kind of actor I wanted to become. I only wish Boot Camp I was longer.” Leticia L., Mexico City, MEXICO

“I have been a stunt driver and stunt driving coordinator for 32 years. Freezing in auditions or with the two lines before getting in the car won’t be a problem anymore.” Mike R., Los Angeles, CA

“The Acting Corps was great to start my acting career in Los Angeles. I was able to interact with people with different levels of experience, in a professional, fun, and friendly environment. I look forward to do all programs & keep in touch with The Acting Corps family.” Fernando C., Columbia

“I just took the Boot Camp I course, and the classes have touched on every single important thing for beginning acting. It’s the first professional acting school I’ve been in where I didn’t feel criticized being a newbie to acting. After one month, I am much more confident and prepared before doing a scene. These classes also definitely took away my nervousness in performing in front of people. Can’t wait to be in BCII!” Rachel C., Manila, Philippines

“I’m just about to finish Boot Camp I and so far all I can say is that I am so lucky I enrolled for this school, and not another. First because it is more than what I expected. Second, the technique they use is practical, and the course is short. Which is great cause you don’t have to take 2 or 3 years to learn the instruments and technique. But the most important thing which I would rely in to recommend the Acting Corps is that you just have a hell of a lot of fun. That makes you wake up every day with a great spirit and will go to classes.” Maby N., Sonora, Mexico

“Intense but rewarding. Never let your fears get in the way of your dreams! Always go beyond yourself. It’s a great feeling in the end!” – Phillip G., FL

“My Acting Corps experience was everything and more than I expected and hoped for. My teacher’s knowledge and passion for acting inspired me to truly fall in love with acting.” Cody A., San Francisco

“Thanks to Boot Camp I, I have learned more about myself in the course of 3 weeks than I have in my 19 years of living. I’ve learned skills and techniques to improve myself as an actress and I’m excited to learn more. This has been a great experience for me and I recommend the Actor’s Boot Camp for anyone who’s serious about acting! Thank you.”Ciara R., Los Angeles, CA

“I cannot express enough how great this program was. The openness and experience the teachers have blown me away. Not only were they knowledgeable, but they brought a huge amount of energy to each class, every single time. Each teacher genuinely cared about each individual student and was available for one on one meetings if they needed. I grew leaps and bounds as an actor and a person. I gained a lot of confidence in myself, especially since they provided a safe environment to do so. I was impressed at the multi-international students and from all over the United States. I have gained many new friends.” Drea H., New York, NY

“My experiences at The Acting Corps has been completely amazing! I have learned so much in the 1st four weeks! The teachers are fun and loving and they know what they are doing. The environment is warm and friendly. I recommend the Acting Corps to anyone who is serious about acting.” Joshua O., Anaheim, CA

“This program has changed the way I view being an actor, being an artist, and being a human. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to grow and experience being an actor.” Dan A., Cherry Hill NJ

“The Acting Corps opened my eyes to the true essence of what it means to act. Now I no longer find myself trying to make up an emotion, instead it just happens!” Christopher T., Chino Hills, CA

“Studying at the Acting Corps was really fun. I met great people who share the same dreams as me. It was an intense. 5 days a week, 3 hours a day plus the Daily Acting Workouts really helped me out and I definitely recommend it!” Julio M., South Gate, CA

“I’ve learned loads. I put myself out there. I acted like an ass. I was embarrassed. I wanted to quit. I put myself out there. I was in pain, it sucked – And I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!! Best decision EVER!” Sabrena N., Canoga Park, CA

“Honestly, I loved the art of acting, but I did not know how to approach it on a professional level. Here at The Acting Corps, Eugene and all the other instructors have a great program that has made me appreciate acting at a whole new level. Thank you guys so much. This school is a blessing for those who search for a higher understanding of this art.” James L., Plano, TX

“I’ve taken a number of acting classes but none has ever taught the basics like repetition. I feel like I have a stronger foundation in the craft. I like how The Acting Corps offers a daily, intensive program, unlike other programs, which helps exercise my acting muscles.” Sandra S., Thousand Oaks

“Overall excellent introduction to acting. [I’ve] learned so many things about acting as an art. Very well-rounded program.” Mark H., Savannah

“I’ve learned to be more open, listen to my partner, be present in the moment, stay connected and have fun!” Jeffrey C., Dublin

“It’s different than any other class I’ve taken. Having to go everyday made me more committed and focused and helped me to not only retain [the information] but also use and continually improve upon the tools and techniques I learned.” Brian A., Akron

“Wow. I have definitely learned a lot about technique and leaving yourself alone! I have been auditioning and feel so good and confident about my cold reading skills!” Isaac J., Los Angeles

“The Acting Corps is the perfect place to study if you’re just starting to get into the business. You’ll enrich your knowledge of the art of acting and learn to appreciate it on a whole new level.” Nicholas S., Leeds

“Great course, great teachers, I met the most amazing people I’ve ever met.” Randy T., West Hollywood

“Loved it! Learned a lot in very little time. Teachers are great and always willing to help. It makes us get the best from this experience.” Dylan B., Spokane

“Excellent combination of classes. My idea of acting is completely different from when I started. The technique class helped me connect with other people and I could use that along with the Actor’s Instrument techniques in the Scene Study class too. All the classes seemed to support the same concept.” Regina V., Long Beach

“My understanding of technique and the craft as a whole has come light years from where I was 3 weeks ago.” Angela S., Denver

“It’s a damn good workout. I also LOVE the Daily Acting Workout. Anyone who takes acting seriously gets a good chance to develop at this school. This school rocks!” – Leah A., Wilmington

“I have been acting for a number of years and this is the first time that I feel I ‘get it.’ It is finally starting to make sense.” Shauna F., Miami

“I looked forward to class pretty much every day. I feel like I could already go out on auditions with what I’ve learned here.” Allan M., Los Angeles

“I’ve learned more in just two weeks than I have in 9 years of acting. This school lives up to its promise fully and beautifully. Thank you so much!” Heather R., Cork

“Before I came to the Acting Corps I had an idea about what acting was – I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have learned such awesome information and feel so happy/lucky that I came here.” Brett D., Dublin

“I’ve learned so much not only about myself as a person, but myself as an actor. I’ve learned to let go of my inhibitions and really take people in and act truthfully in an imaginary situation.” – Fiona M., Brisbane

“I truly benefitted from the intensity and rigor of this course and the continuity of working on the material day to day, consecutively.” Donna A., Riverside

“I feel I’m getting the absolute best training for my money. This really has taken me to the next level in my craft.” Grace V., Des Moines

“The Acting Corps has provided me with useful tools to incorporate into my work as an actor. I enjoy the fail-safe environment that each instructor creates while in the classroom. I would recommend The Acting Corps to anyone just starting out who wants to receive solid training.” Jerry W., Springfield

“I really enjoy coming to The Acting Corps day in and day out. It’s how I get good at something, I do it every day. That’s how we do it at The Acting Corps!” Michael B., Bakersfield

“This has been a fantastic foothold for me into the Los Angeles acting scene. I would be lost over here without the support and guidance given me.” Ben F., Boston

“The Acting Corps has really helped me improve my craft. The teachers were very informative and good people. This school is great and well worth the money and the trip. I can’t say enough about this place.” Garret K., Memphis

“For any actor, whether budding or seasoned, The Acting Corps provides an environment that facilitates the honing and developing of skills in an arena that is both comfortable and safe. With a faculty who truly care and have something worthwhile to share in the utmost professional manner.” Kenneth S., London

“I knew nothing coming in and this has been such a great experience. Truly life changing and liberating. It has definitely made me whole and made me want to choose acting as a career. I can’t wait to get here every night and learn something new. My heart is definitely in acting!!! Love it and would recommend to anyone wanting to pursue acting!” Michael G., Tulsa

“In the 4 weeks that I have been acting, I feel more confident. Very excited to learn and continue learning the technique work.” Anne R., Fairfax

“The Acting Corps has changed my life. I have learned the importance of truth and availability. I am so much more vulnerable because of this program. That’s a very scary thing, but I have never felt this alive. Thank you!”David G., Los Angeles

“I’m amazed how much I’ve learned in such a short time and feel I’ve even grown as a person – letting go of issues I’ve held onto for years. Would recommend this program to everyone, even if they don’t intend to go into acting.” Shannon H., Beverly Hills

“This was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a whole new art craft and I felt like I learned it the right way.” Mindy L., Los Angeles

“This has been a dream come true for me. I’ve been dreaming about coming to this acting school for over two years. It has been more than I could’ve ever dreamed of. Thank you all for the experience. I’ve learned more about myself in one month than in years both about my acting and my personal life.” Thomas T., West Hollywood

“I learned a lot, gained confidence and felt more motivated and sure I want to work in this industry.”Victor B., Los Angeles

“A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! My growth has been incredible and I feel that The Acting Corps has opened me up for nothing but development.” Theresa B., Philadelphia

“I have grown hugely! I went from being reserved and self conscious and ‘acting’ to actually being confident and just having fun.“ Matthew L., Dayton

“I had a wonderful time and have grown to LOVE acting.” Jacob R., Los Angeles

“I have grown so much over this short period of time. I feel more comfortable on stage and I know how to make good decisions.” Merlene E., Melbourne

“I have increased my skills and understanding of working with a script, working off of my partner. I’ve also added loads to my knowledge of technique.” Robin F., Malibu

“The best thing that has happened to me. People here are really serious about what they are doing. I never for one second felt that I’m only a beginner. In the one month I’ve spent here I already feel that I have an understanding of acting. GREAT.” Valerie H., Las Vegas

“I truly love acting now and am sure to want to follow it for my career. The Acting Corps was the determining factor in my decision. Thanks to The Acting Corps and all its faculty.” Junior A., Paramount

“I loved it here. I made friends with all my classmates. The teachers were smart and energetic. I learned a lot and it was an experience I’ll never forget.” Frederick A., London

“Great people, positive atmosphere, engaging, innovative, a sanctuary for creativity and inspiration.” Joseph C., Galway

“A wonderful place to learn – great people with a wealth of experience to share.” Lisa D., Nice

“What a great place! I feel confident going back to the set with everything I have learned here.” Allison W., London

“I would give The Acting Corps a 10+++. It’s been a wonderful experience for me and I hope to continue learning and growing as an actor with the help of The Acting Corps.” Christy C., Portland

“The Acting Corps is a great place to start out if you have no experience in acting. I had no idea what to expect and I was greeted with open arms. Everyone is easy to approach and available to talk to.” Alexander J., Sydney

“Amazing. I learned a lot. You guys are good at what you do!” Trey W., Buffalo

“I have felt so welcome by everyone while also learning so much. Everything is explained very well and questions are always welcome.” Arlene B., Los Angeles