Actors’ Bootcamp II

“Before Coming to the Acting Corps, I had little to no experience with Acting. I immediately fell in love with The Acting Corps and all of the talented instructors here. They truly care about your learning process and preparing you for the art of Acting. I would recommend taking classes here to anyone who wants to explore and discover their relationship with acting and performing. Personally, I feel that I have created a solid foundation to the start of my career and I know I’m never going to give it up. Thanks Acting Corps. You rock!” Karen H., Modesto, CA

“This is a great school with top-notch teachers.” Timmy N., Sweden

“The Acting Corps has given me all the tools I need to be a good working actor in Los Angeles. They know what they are doing and are great at it. If you want to learn acting and get better at it in a short amount of time, the Acting Corps is for you.” Kevin B., Montreal, CANADA

“This is your life, and if you truly embrace who you are, what you are, the artist in you, choose The Acting Corps. For you will truly grow.”Vivi D., SOUTH AFRICA

“Great place for all inspiring actors to come and learn real world experience of what it’s really like out there in the professional acting world. I feel a lot more confident and better equipped to go out there and start auditioning.” Tiffany T., Garden Grove, CA

“The Acting Corps is a great school with a solid faculty. Everyone here means business and won’t waste your time or money.” Matt R., San Diego

“The Acting Corps has been a great experience for me especially because I had very little prior knowledge. The faculty are very experienced and helpful, but don’t expect to babied. It is called “Boot Camp,” so be prepared and open to learning about acting, yourself, and others.” William W., Houston, TX

“Boot Camp II has made me hungrier all around and much more confident in my ‘tool box’/technique in pursuing scenes/cold reading/auditioning, and in life.” Claire C., London, ENGLAND

“In general I’m more open to any type of work than when I got here. I’m opened up as an actor and as a person. Honestly, this is the stepping stone that has changed the course of my life.” Jorge G., Ontario, CA

“I’ve become braver. I take more risks. I’ve always been comfortable reading and understanding scripts but I’ve learned to dissect them for details. I have more direction when I cold read – I don’t just aimlessly read.” Emma S., Marin County, CA

“This school is everything I have ever wanted in an acting school. I feel like I have a strong foundation of technique, and have really come out of my comfort zone. The teachers are really care about your success and are passionate about preparing you for the business. I’ve had some bad experiences with acting schools, and out of all the acting schools in Los Angeles, I’m so pleased I chose this one.” – Marisa C., Lake Forest, CA

“This place is AWESOME!!” Shawn D

“I think I have grown in every aspect of acting. Taking these courses is the best thing I have done for myself.”Elaine L., MALAYSIA

“I’ve grown incredibly. I feel I will take what I’ve learned home with me and show off my new colors. I believe I have opened up a whole new world of acting for myself, the techniques used in The Acting Corps are amazing.” Jeanette R., London, ENGLAND

“The Acting Corps is for the individual who sees acting as a sport, and actually wants to act – daily! I love this place! I’m a student for life!” Kyliah L., Long Beach, CA

“Thanks for starting me on the right foot!” Stephanie V., Long Beach, CA

“I would highly recommend The Acting Corps. If you want a better understanding of the craft, the business, and techniques valuable to nothing.” Briana G., Indio, CA

“I have honed in on an actual technique and feel so much more confident and prepared.” Ryan R., Spokane, WA

“All the teachers I have worked with are insanely good at what they do. Through discipline, practice, effort and constant whole-hearted dedication, I am becoming the person and actor I have always wanted to be. I couldn’t have done this without this institution and its dedicated teachers. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to be a serious and professional actor in an industry where nothing less than 100% will do.” Cameron C., Jackson

“I feel so extremely blessed to have chosen The Acting Corps as the first place to train when moving to L.A. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers or a better staff. I repeatedly felt challenged without ever being pushed over the edge. I’ve learned how to be free and act organically.” Joanna D., Dallas

“People are friendly, staff is not pushy or condescending. Very open and trusting atmosphere for learning.” Melinda F., San Antonio

“The Acting Corps gave me the push I needed to get myself out there and the knowledge I needed to do so through the proper channels. Thanks for empowering me!” Patricia G., Milwaukee

“These boot camps have made me feel ready for mostly anything, and I hope to grow more here. I never want to leave!” Vanessa P., Phoenix

“The overall experience has been fantastic, life-altering stuff. The instructors are all amazing – each one brings so much to the table (great points of view and all of the advice is complimentary and works excellent in concert). I’m amazed by the changes in myself – a very profound and moving experience.” Chloe R., Bucharest

“I don’t know what to say! I have grown not only as an actor but as a person. These Boot camps and the instructors have confirmed how much I love this profession. Seriously. It’s like finding the woman of your dreams and saying ‘Where have you been all my life?’” Arnold T., Los Angeles

“Learned a lot!!! I like that the school encourages anyone who wants to pursue this dream and equips them with what they’d need to succeed. You have armed me with so much.”Janine M., Norfolk

“What I thought about acting before I got here, went to a totally different and much deeper level, and what a lovely feeling. You guys make me feel at home and support my skills to go out, find jobs, and challenge my fears. You taught me most about being comfortable with my vulnerability. THANKS!” Chelsea B., Carmel

“I came into this experience without any preconceived notions, and I was still blown away by the professionalism. The instructors seem to care about my growth as an actor. I am thrilled to have chosen this school.” Adrian F., Los Angeles

“I love how everyone’s so friendly, helpful and open. I feel like I’m in the ivy league of acting schools. I’m absorbing and cherishing every moment. I don’t want it to end.” Crystal S., Seattle

“I have grown to be a more equipped actor ready to take on the film industry by attending and learning at The Acting Corps.” Michelle P., Los Angeles

“This is my home away from home.” Leon W., Los Angeles

“I am so happy here! I’ve already recommended this studio to friends. I love the supportive environment and have learned so much! Everyone here is fabulous.” Jessica A., Colorado Springs

“More than I could of asked for. Well organized, professional, inspiring, life altering experience. No bullshit!” Sarah R., Los Feliz

“It has been, by far, the best experience of my life. The growth that has occurred in me came as a pleasant surprise and I now look forward to continuing what I have learned for the rest of my life.” Jesse T., Chicago

“My overall experience at The Acting Corps is nothing but positive. It creates an environment of true creativity allowing all of us to explore comfortably.” Richard B., Santa Monica

“The experience thus far by attending The Acting Corps has positively impacted my personal as well as my life as an actor! This is the beginning for me. I feel that I have a solid foundation.” Violet M., San Francisco

“Excellent springboard for launching a career.” Xavier E., Orlando

“If you want to learn about the business, and become a better actor, then come to The Acting Corps. It’s the perfect environment to learn and tone your skills as an actor. One of the best decisions I’ve made was coming here!” Jordan V., Washington D.C.

“It’s great to be able to come to a place and know that you’re being taught by experienced actors that really have a strong desire to help you.” Maya G., Lincoln

“This is an exceptional facility, great ambiance, very open atmosphere.” Walden B., Detroit

“I’ve become a lot more confident as an actor and as a person. I will always use what I have learned here.” Monica C., Jacksonville

“I was looking for a school exactly like this. I love that it’s five days a week so that we’re immersed in the work. I also love the emphasis on getting work – that’s what ultimately drew me to the school.” Justine L., Los Angeles

“I love the sense of community and support of being a part of something I believe in. I have felt safe and supported by my fellow actors and teachers to be open and vulnerable while doing scene work and exercises. The Acting Corps has built my self-confidence and has taught me so much. I truly feel it has changed my life and has made my acting 100% better than when I first arrived.” Patrick J., Burbank

“The school is great. I have learned so much — it has really fanned the flames in me to act and pursue this. This school has opened my eyes, soul, and brain.” Tracie C., Chicago

“This is the best acting classes I have ever taken. I feel more than ready to audition.” Tyler G., Los Angeles