Scene Study

Scene Study
If there is such a thing as a serious Los Angeles drama school, certainly no one who is familiar with The Acting Corps and The Acting Boot Camp would deny that we deliver the goods. There are many choices, but the question on the table is “Where do I want to be at the end of the day?” If you have two to four years to learn a 20th century “museum” acting technique, then you can certainly find schools that will happily enroll you. If you have three hours a week to learn the mechanics of cold reading and believe that this is all you need, you can find those places as well. At the Acting Corps, we focus on what we do best: we offer the best acting classes in LA by ensuring that you receive practical acting tools in a concentrated fashion and then learn to apply these tools to real world acting circumstances.

It is no surprise then that when it comes to scene study in Los Angeles, The Acting Corps offers unparalleled training. We say that simply because we know what’s out there. Our faculty and students have all taught and/or taken classes in this town, and we agree on the simple fact that most scene study classes are directorial in nature, meaning that the teacher will direct you into a performance or tell you how to do it. And maybe you will do it better or differently after you’ve been given direction, but you will only be able to do it once.

What happens when you have to do it again, as in on every single film shoot anywhere? Or when you’re doing that all important acting showcase in Los Angeles, in front of agents, managers, and casting directors? Without acting technique and without the ability to apply acting technique to scene work you will be utterly lost, giving result oriented performances that duplicate your director’s result oriented notes. Not much fun, and not much career building either.

So make sure that your scene study classes give you tools to become a self sufficient actor who has a way of working and taking any notes from anyone and applying those notes to any circumstance. Remember, just because you’re in acting school in California doesn’t mean you’re being taught by people who have acted or are currently acting and putting everything they preach into practice in their own lives and careers.

So make sure that your scene study classes give you the tools essential to becoming a self-sufficient, highly-adaptive actor who can work with anyone, take notes from anyone and apply those notes to any type of circumstance. Remember– just because you’re in an acting school in California doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being taught by skilled actors with practical experience who put everything they preach into successful practice in their own careers.

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