Checking out Los Angeles acting schools?

Top 10 Reasons to Study at The Acting Corps acting school in Los Angeles

10. You won’t have to go to a phony Actors’ Boot Camp® at a phony Los Angeles acting school.

9. You act more than once a month in your acting classes – actually, you act extensively in every class.

8. Though none of the teachers at The Acting Corps invented acting or channel the spirit of Stanislavski, they do act for a living.

7. You won’t have a week to forget everything you learned last Tuesday night; you will attend acting classes every day.

6. You will act in a clean, professional space and be just as creative as you would be in one of the dumps posing as Los Angeles acting schools.

5. You won’t have to pay The Acting Corps’ rent like other Los Angeles acting schools for three years before you are allowed to look for an acting job.

4. You will not be thrown immediately in front of a casting director whose job it is to remember actors, even the ones who waste their time.

3. None of the teachers will regale you repeatedly with show business stories from 1991; they would rather see you act.

2. You will never be asked to re-live the precious memories of losing a favorite pet, being yelled at by your parents, or Johnny Love asking your best friend to the prom instead of you.

1. You will be pleasantly surprised by the lack of smoke blown up your derriere as you discover that talent means hard work.

Going to one of the other Los Angeles Acting Schools?

10. It’s damn near impossible to choose between rock star and movie star.

9. You want to be able to say for the rest of your life, “I could’ve made it but I just didn’t feel like it.”

8. The other acting school is closer to your bar.

7. Casting director workshops are making you famous.

6. You are as good on set as you are in your bathroom.

5. You have three Oscars and you got them all by just being you.

4. You are too busy building your career through extra work.

3. Your friends at the restaurant would miss you if you ever got an acting job.

2. Mr. Spielberg informed you that all you need are solid cold reading skills and a killer haircut.

1. It’s really nice outside.

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