TAC Spring Showcase Collage

2016 Spring Industry Showcase

All actors in our Industry Showcase have rigorously trained at The Acting Corps and are members of The Professional Program or The Advanced Program. They have mastered acting technique and are comfortable in front of a live audience, live agents or managers (they are people too), and even live film and television sets.

But not everyone believes in learning to do the job before presenting themselves to industry professionals. In Hollywood there are many opportunities for actors to pay money so they can be seen by the industry. Many actors believe that all they have to do to become actors is to take so-called “workshops” with someone who works in casting and Bang!!! Instant acting career!!!

Professional Program - Industry showcase acting class Los Angeles

So why bother with any Acting Programs? Why go through months of daily training, enduring the rigors and application of technique in our Advanced Program or Professional Program? The short answer is you don’t have to. That’s right, if you can walk in somewhere and be instantly rewarded with acting work, you don’t need any Los Angeles Acting Program. And if you can show up on set and know what you’re doing, and then build a career based on just paying someone who works in casting to see you once or twice, go for it.

But if you discover there is more to acting, if you suspect that Programs for Acting actually have a place, that acting is a skill, which not only brings out your talent, but also sustains it, then you may want to look into some serious training.

Where do you start? You look at all the Actors Programs that make sense to you. You visit the schools, you talk to the students, you talk to the teachers, you watch the classes, you see what feels right to you, and only you. And yes, visit The Acting Corps too, by all means.

And then when you’re ready to show your work, because you get only one shot with whoever sees your work, you do it well and make it count. You are seen at your best and when you are ready. Unlike Acting Camp when you were a kid, you are seen in a well rehearsed, directed, and presented evening, surrounded by equally skilled actors, so that industry professionals leave hoping that they get to sign or hire you before anyone else does.

Like one very well known agent just said to us, “Can I come the first night of the Showcase so that I can get the best people for my agency?” To which I said, “Well, don’t you go to meet enough actors at workshops where people pay?” “That’s the point, I get paid to be there, and actors pay to be there, so it’s a bit of a carnival.” It is for this reason that The Acting Corps Industry Showcase, every spring and fall, has in recent years become the must see industry event. We hope to see you there too!!!

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Recent Comments from Hollywood Agents and Managers Who Have Attended Our Showcase

  • Tammy Jackson

    Consortium Entertainment

    This showcase is one of the best. The actors are all great, well prepared and professional. It’s a fun and enjoyable show. I look forward to the next one – many thanks.

  • Dream Big Casting

    Vanessa Knight

    Dream Big Casting

    I really enjoyed the showcase, the actors were well prepared and had good energy. Please keep our office in mind for future productions!

  • Matt Ilczuk

    Royalty Rope Management

    Awesome! One of the best. It was funny, and no inappropriate material. Perfect showcase to display the abilities of the actors. All of the actors showcased different characters through multiple scenes. Really good.

  • Amanda Richards

    Avalon Artists Group

    It was a lovely experience! I really enjoyed it. Please put us on the list for next time.

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