Whose acting is it?

//Whose acting is it?

In the end, nothing matters more than finding your own path. Stephen Pressfield calls it your authentic swing, even has a book about it. He uses a golf analogy, describing how novice golfers try to hit the ball the way they “think” they should, until a lucky few figure out that the only way to achieve personal greatness is to find your authentic swing.

The same is true of acting. You can look for teacher after teacher who might bestow upon you the secret of acting, you can copy a movie star you admire, or you can even try to act in a way you’ve come to believe might please the audience, but more often than not you will come up short.

And that’s really frustrating; we’ve all been there. So at this juncture you can either give up and blame your teachers, yourself, and show business in general, or you can say “this is my life task, it will never be done, but I will show up for it day after day with all I have – and that will be my reward.”

Should you choose the latter approach, welcome. You’re now a part of a family of outcasts (artists) who live in the gray – not knowing, always seeking, treating failure and success as flip sides of the same coin, as they push themselves towards complete creative and personal authenticity. It is the difficult path, but also the only rewarding path if this is who you are.