Show Business and Who You Are

//Show Business and Who You Are

Everyone talks about show business, what it is and what it is not. They tell you the rules, the way things work, and how to get ahead. But just because that’s how THEY got ahead (if they’re so far ahead, why are they selling you classes on how to get ahead?), doesn’t mean the same path is true for you. You are you and they are not.

Truth is, show business is like the stock market – nobody knows anything. So is it better to listen to the experts or just toss a coin?

My take on it is this, and it can be as right or wrong as anyone else’s, is that success depends almost entirely on you being you. Not the right you, not the preprogrammed you, not the studied you who’s learned all the rules, but YOU. We are all products of a reward/punishment based educational system, where if you get the right answer on a test you’re rewarded with love, or a reprimand if you don’t.

Then the only thing we have to offer is our creative essence – that place where whatever you make comes from – whether you write, act, dance, sing, direct, or paint murals. To access this creative essence takes work. To trust it takes a lifetime.

So here’s the challenge: What do YOU believe? How do YOU see it? Who are you still pleasing by staying small and suppressing your creative individuality? And do you think these people can be pleased or just submitted to? Bottom line, just give us YOUR truth – everyone else’s is already taken.