Notes From The Casting of a TV Pilot

Casting. Having just cast a TV pilot, here are some final, unadorned thoughts on the process : Who do we remember?   The actors who were amazing – they came in prepared, took chances, changed the energy in the room by putting their personal stamps on the part, and in some cases making us see their character in a totally different light. Oh, we also remember the people who came in unprepared and just READ their lines. Who have we forgotten?   The actors who did not take chances – they did what they thought was appropriate or clever but really did not [...]

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Just get me in front of that film camera!!!!

Some actors ask to be in front of a film camera the second they show up at our school. Other actors would rather wait until they lose some weight. And others, to our surprise, prefer to learn how to do the job before they have the business end of a film camera pointed in their direction. Nothing wrong with any of the above. My preference? Hmmm….maybe I will share my EXPERIENCE. Meaning that I got on camera early on in my acting career and I had no idea what I was doing as far as film acting was concerned. Not only [...]

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How To Win By Just Showing Up

No project ever gets off the ground, no career ever gets started in Hollywood or anywhere else in the world without the element of faith. Did you ever watch the Oscars? How many acceptance speeches include the words “Thank you for believing in me.”? How many Academy Award winners talk about the years of stumbling in the dark while keeping the faith? As my friend Steve puts it, if acting were easy everybody would be doing it. What’s the hardest part? I would say slogging through the vagueness, rejection, and self-doubt with no one believing in you until someone does. It can [...]

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Do you have actor gold inside of you?

So I was watching the Olympics the other day and this ad came on – “Gold, it’s in us all, but some have the courage to dig it out.” Dick’s Sporting Goods Wow. I couldn’t believe it. On national television, in between Olympic events, Dick’s Sporting Goods was telling me that I too have gold in me, I’m just afraid to dig it out. Great, I thought, maybe I WILL finally dig out my gold. But what event would I win? Swimming? Now that there are a couple of spots on the U.S. team? Don’t think so. Archery? Not really. Chess? [...]

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Would Hollywood like you better if you were better looking?

Sure, you have to look good in Hollywood, because the better you look, the more parts you’ll get. But is that true? To some extent, but not really. There are supermodels who can’t get acting jobs to save their lives, and there are people who look like, well, people – and they book acting work all the time. You know why beginning actors want to look “perfect” before they start looking for acting jobs? Because they’re afraid of rejection. “So let me look like my favorite movie star before I subject myself to the rigors of the audition process so that [...]

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