Look, we’re all in show business to get something – more work than the next person, more money, more respect, more fans, a better agent, a better deal…you get the picture. On days when the above are about to happen, and then they DO happen, oh joy! “I have more, so I must be more!!! I was right all along, and they (my parents, friends, significant others, and all detractors) were DEAD WRONG. I must be truly SPECIAL.”

And the following day or the following week you’re back to what? You being that day’s version of you. “Oh, no, not this again!” But there it is – insecurity, fear, and even hopelessness.

What am I trying to say? That you can’t GET anything. Nothing. At least not long term and have it lead to any sort of sustainable happiness. While the message promulgated by popular culture is “look at all that you can get from others”, it’s been my experience over decades of subscribing to the former that the only message that matters is “look at all that you can give to others.”

It’s not unlike acting. We come to acting with the belief that it’s about you. “How can you feel more, show more, so they can see your genius?” Then we discover, at least at The Acting Corps, that it’s about the OTHER person. Give everything to your acting partner, take nothing for yourself, so that you can liberate and instinctively express the one and only YOU.