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Do you have a Muse?

Are you stuck in your art? Is acting making you nuts? In ancient Greece or Rome, if you needed to write or indulge in any creative act and you were stuck, you wouldn’t bitch about it on social media. In the absence of Facebook, they had something better – they had the Nine Muses. All nine were the daughters of Zeus, the kind of Gods, and Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory. Not bad if you think about it – who would you rather call upon, a creative coach from San Jose or the nine daughters of Zeus? We actors would call [...]

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So how does Hollywood say NO?

Hollywood NEVER says no. No one ever turns you down for anything in Hollywood. Instead people say “you’re amazing, can’t wait to work with you.” Then they don’t take your calls. And that’s show business. If you have a problem with that, look somewhere else for clarity because you won’t get it in this town. Oh, and when Hollywood does say YES, it can still mean no. YES only means yes after the check clears. Welcome!

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TOP 10 ways to PRETEND you’re an ACTOR

TOP 10 ways to PRETEND you’re an ACTOR 1. You’ve been taking acting classes for over a year and have yet to audition for anything because you want to be brilliant before you share your gift with student filmmakers. 2. You wake up late every day, like after 10 A.M because you’re an actor and actors stay up late in order to do actor-like things; like getting wasted and watching weird videos on YouTube. 3. You constantly share your opinions on how badly other actors’ careers are going, using phrases like “so and so is such a has been.” (Note William [...]

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NO PRESSURE – NO DIAMONDS, or “What are you acting for?”

Artictic Director Eugene Buica I saw that on a tee shirt at the airport today, the no pressure no diamonds part. Sounded clever so I wrote it down. The double entendre is fairly clear; diamonds are forged under immense pressure, creating a substance so brilliant and rare that a company in Holland (DeBeers) decided they would sell diamonds to the world for lots of money. People paid up and they still do. The other side of the double entendre is that in our acting lives, whether in Los Angeles acting classes or in the professional acting world, there is [...]

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Acting and The Power of Negative Thinking

Just had a conversation about negative thinking with one of The Acting Corps teachers. It turns out, she tells me, that we are WIRED to react negatively to most life events. How come? Well, think about it. Back in the day, before we were all looking for agents and acting jobs, we used to live in caves and trees and such. And we had good times and bad times, but mostly bad times because there were so many bad things that could happen to us. We might be eaten, torn to pieces, or flattened by a dinosaur, and that’s all before [...]

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