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The Working Actor

Everybody wants to be one, a WORKING actor. And I have met many working actors, even been one myself, yet I still ask myself what a working actor is. So what does it mean to be a working actor? Is it the background actor (euphemism for extra) who claims to have worked with Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchet and Keanu Reeves on numerous feature films, when in truth he stood on the same set but never said a word on camera? Or is it the seasoned veteran who has his own TV show? Or is it, maybe the actor who does [...]

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Why Bother Beginning To Learn How To Act?

OK. What is it to begin something? What is it to have beginner’s mind? And when it comes to the acting or the study of acting, why on earth would you ever take beginner acting classes? Goethe tells us that “the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too…Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” The only thing to add to that is the practice of humility. Why? Because it takes humility to begin at the beginning, to say I DO NOT KNOW but I [...]

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So you come to this thing called acting technique and you realize that this is not as easy as you thought. First thing you discover is that it’s not a formula. It is a way to reach the subconscious mind and trigger a response in yourself that is unprepared, unrehearsed, spontaneous, and at the same time connects you back to your partner.  What is your first reaction? This acting technique, because it doesn’t make me FEEL a certain thing every single time, is not effective. And that’s the number one problem new actors have. They take their emotional temperature all the [...]


Acting Books

Most of the acting books I’ve read have one thing in common: they bore me to tears. The author starts laying out his/her beliefs about the best way and often the only way to act, and before long my head is spinning and we’re applying 1800 mathematical formulas to come up with teacher approved acting. So stop the madness, I say, because it’s a problem. Case in point:  I recently had a prospective student who was auditioning for the school tell me that she had studied with so and so and she was applying all she had learned to her audition [...]

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5 Acting Problems and The Acting Skills To Fix Them

All of the best acting schools have uniquely individual approaches to acting, which vary in their reliability and practicality. The one thing that all best acting schools do agree upon is that every other acting school is wrong. Here is a little of what we at The Acting Corps believe are solutions and acting skills required to address some common acting problems: # 1 – Self-Consciousness It usually happens when your focus is on what you SHOULD be feeling. The way to address this problem is to put your focus where it belongs, on your partner, and then work moment to [...]

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