The Acting Core

The Acting Core
A play on words, if you will. It is The Acting Corps’ philosophy that teachers should not just “teach” and actors should not learn acting techniques that function more or less as museum pieces. To go to the core, the acting core of acting technique is the creative responsibility of anyone who hangs up a shingle and says to young actors: “I have something to give.”

To wit, to teach The Meisner Technique as it was learned by any given actor/teacher in the 1950’s or 60’s or 70’s is to say that acting has stood still for the past few decades and what served as a prolonged training period for actors who were preparing mostly for the theater MUST still be applicable to today’s actor in Los Angeles. And the same is true of The Michael Chekhov Technique – acting class in Los Angeles in the 21st century is not acting class in Moscow in 1921.

Gurdjieff, the great mystic and spiritual teacher, said that after the teacher dies the teaching becomes literature. And all that we can do, those of us who are engaged in passionate, to the death pursuit of creative excellence, is to get to the bottom of what the masters before us had to say, to get to the core of things, the acting core, and build upon what we have found. We will then be truly standing on the shoulders of giants as we do what they did in their time – leap into the unknown.

So then the most important lesson our Los Angeles acting classes can teach young actors would have little to do with ancestor worship and a lot to do with finding your own way, both personally, creatively and professionally.

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