Acting Showcase

Acting Showcase
For many years now, the best acting schools have been known to offer their graduating actors an acting showcase in Los Angeles. This practice continues, with these showcases offering pretty much the same fare, year after year: actors put up scenes in various stages of development, and then they do what they and their teachers consider good and effective acting. MFA programs do it, private studios do it, and even some private acting classes in LA do it. So what then is the purpose of an acting showcase?

For actors the answer is this: to do your best work playing parts close to your type. And to do all this in front of an audience that might contain people who are either casting directors or agents or managers.

The thing also to consider is that these people have usually had horrendous days at work; some of them watching actors do the same scene about eighty times. So you MUST consider your audience (something you would learn in any decent acting class) – these folks will only pay attention if you entertain them. Yes, you may excel at crying and screaming in the context of a scene, but is that something you want to inflict upon your audience given the above?

At The Acting Corps and the Actors’ Boot Camp we make sure that our showcase actors are as prepared as possible, that they act in scenes that are entertaining, playing parts close to their types, and that everyone has a good time, because, as we say in the theater “Ignore your audience and they will ignore you.”

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