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Acting Schools
Acting Schools in California offer for the most part an early 20th century approach to acting. Not that there is anything wrong with the early part of the 20th century, but the assumption at work here is that acting as an art form has not progressed. And the logic underlying this assumption is that what was once a top acting school, should still be a top acting school, even if the medium the school serves has changed so much while the school itself has not.

There are many examples of this, as a matter of fact all of the 20th century American adherents of the Stanislavsky System – among them the numerous Meisner Schools, the Strasberg “Method” studios, as well as the many Stella Adler and Uta Haagen standard bearers. All of them are ardent supporters of certain traditions so they certainly have something to contribute. It just may not be what is necessary today.

The Acting Corps (sometimes known as The Acting Core) is known and respected not only because it is currently one of the best acting schools, but also because we have had the courage to create our own identity. And that’s not because we offer, for example, film acting classes, where everyone else only offers techniques appropriate only to the stage, but because it is our professional opinion that actor training in Los Angeles cannot be identical today to what it was in 1947. Actor training has to specifically address the needs of today’s actor. It has to impart practical tools and practical technique, as well as the practical application of these tools and technique to scene work and the audition process.

At the Acting Corps, instructors do not offer the typical “business-as-usual” bunch of acting lessons in Los Angeles that will ultimately leave you grossly unprepared when you do get your big shot. Instead, we help you learn a fresh, enlivened approach that you can apply at every stage of your career. Like the old sales slogan admonishes, accept no imitations. Find the most innovative, dynamic, soulful, and original school and give it all you have.

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