Acting FAQ

Will The Actors’ Boot Camp help me get a job?

Yes and no. Just telling someone you took local acting classes at The Actors’ Boot Camp won’t get you an acting job, much like telling someone you went to a Los Angeles school of film won’t get you a director’s job. But if you apply the skills you will learn to auditions and then use these skills as a foundation to build upon, the answer is a resounding YES.

What’s the percentage of your students who book work?

Out of the 4,200 students who have attended The Acting Corps, 1,800 of them have booked professional paying work after attending our local acting classes.  Our graduates have also done many projects with local Los Angeles film schools, projects which never made it on IMDB.

Will you connect me with agents?

Once in a while we refer people to agents, if we think you are ready—but we don’t promise you that. We do promise you that after Boot Camp II, you will have ALL of the business skills, including a professional picture and resume that sell you in an honest, specific way, as well as proven techniques for you to go out and find your own representation.

Tell me about your program, what does your program do?

The foundation course, the original Actors’ Boot Camp gives you a solid, reliable acting technique and then teaches you to apply it to scene study and cold readings.

Boot Camp II gives you deeper technique, cold reading work, scene work, true on-camera technique, as well as our personalized Business of the Business class where you learn how to market yourself effectively. By the end of Boot Camp II, EVERYONE has to go out and look for acting work. That’s how 1,800 of our students got on IMBD – we expected it of them and they did the work.

The Advanced Program meets two evenings a week and includes cold reading, scene work, technique, Agent, Manager, and Casting Director Workshops, and a final Showcase. This is a six month program and everyone in it is an auditioning actor.

Do you give scholarships?

From time to time, we offer deep discounts to students who are serious about this and show true commitment to our local acting classes. There are also scholarships for students who have been at The Acting Corps for some time and through their devotion and commitment have earned our respect.

Can I do Boot Camp II instead of Boot Camp I?

Yes, but only if you have had extensive moment to moment work, like having studied the Meisner Technique with teachers who know what they’re doing. Most of the time, even actors with lots of on-set experience or actors who come from four year B.A. programs begin with Boot Camp I (The Actors’ Boot Camp).

What happens after I finish your program?

After you finish The Actors’ Boot Camp, you will have the ability to listen and answer in the moment and organically respond to your partner, or whoever you’re acting with, as well as the ability to apply all that to a cold reading or scene. The Actors’ Boot Camp doesn’t just give you great acting skills, but it is a life changing experience.

After Boot Camp II, you will have technique that allows you to put objectives in your body, a good understanding of on-camera technique, the ability to analyze a script and play a scene, as well as a BUSINESS PACKAGE that gets you auditions and work.

After The Advanced Program, you should be well on your way to using the skills acquired at your local acting classes to book work and start making money as an actor.