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A series of articles by Artistic Director Eugene Buica, as published in Actors’ Ink Magazine.

What We Believe - The Acting Corps acting school in Los Angeles

Eugene Buica - Director of The Acting Corps acting school in Los AngelesWhatever you wind up doing with your life, like it or not, at some point you will look back on that occupation and call it your life’s work. So choose wisely. And if that doesn’t work, choose acting.

Because quite honestly, acting is not the pragmatic choice, it is so much more. It is a choice based on a dream, an inexplicable desire to experience and express the human condition and to do all that in front of others…and hopefully for hard currency. Not a bad way to spend one’s time on this planet.

It is in the service of this idea that The Acting Corps acting school was born. I asked myself, what is the most efficient way today to make actors good, what will feed them creatively, and how can they then sell these skills in the film and television marketplace?

The answer is the current program of acting classes and instructors assembled at The Acting Corps. Our acting school has a simple approach: you act in every single acting class-extensively, you learn from active working professionals, and then you are assisted and encouraged to get out in the real world and get a job. That’s right, a job – an acting job. Because after all we are here to get actors acting, end of story.

If you share our passion, our generosity of spirit, and our drive to succeed, we invite you to join us.

Eugene Buica

Eugene Buica

Founder and Artistic Director