Acting For The Camera

On Camera Acting
The study of on-camera acting or “acting for the camera” in Los Angeles usually means that actors do their scenes as their acting coaches videotape them in a two shot (i.e., two actors in the frame). Afterwards, the acting coaches do playback with a few notes thrown in, and voila!—you’re a member of one of the many acting classes in Los Angeles teaching what is gratuitously referred to as “acting for the camera.”

Perhaps you’re learning something about videotaped theater, but you’re really learning very little about essential on-camera acting technique. What are your alternatives? Out of all the acting classes in Los Angeles, how do you find one that teaches you what you really need to know on set?

When visiting and interviewing a prospective acting coaches in Los Angeles, make sure you inquire about instruction in blocking, matching action and hitting marks. Ask about the practical differences between frame sizes, as well as the different techniques employed in the shooting of sitcoms, features, and episodics.

If the teacher can’t answer your questions or the acting school does not offer this type of instruction, it is not a valid, acting for the camera class. Do what you do at the car dealership – walk and look for a better deal.

You will find many an acting school in California, but few can actually deliver the goods. We know this is a frustrating reality and wish you the best as you find your way.

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