Acting For Film

Film Acting
Ah, the age old question: Is acting for film different from stage acting, and are film acting classes essential when seeking the best training? Here is our humble opinion – learning to act from trustworthy, passionate, consummate professional with educational pedigrees as well as professional TV and film experience will give you what you need. The label “ON CAMERA CLASS” can certainly suggest that there is something to be had there that can’t be found elsewhere, but true acting for film will only be learned once your acting training is in place. Acting on camera is important and any acting school worth its salt offers actors time in front of the camera, but in the final analysis, most actors want to train to work on camera before they’ve developed any acting tools. It’s like saying I’d like to be a brain surgeon and only operate on this one organ, the brain, but I have yet to take any pre-med classes, let alone attend medical school (acting school).

So become a skilled actor, attend a top acting school, and by that we mean a school that offers both the creative and practical aspects of what it takes. Learn to use your imagination, learn to listen, learn to create worlds of meaning out of often paltry imaginary circumstances, and THEN concern yourself with acting for film skills.

Stage actors make the transition to the screen very easily and often turn into the best film actors, while film actors who don’t have their counterparts’ training often struggle on stage. And this is not to say that you need to be a great stage actor before you can become a film actor – but make sure that you are an actor. Then film acting will come with a little bit of experience in front of the film lens (which most good acting schools in California will give you) and learning to make friends with the camera.

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