The Actors Boot Camp II

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Morning: 8 weeks / 5 days a week
Evening: 12 weeks / 3 evenings a week

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Evening Classes


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See you in Los Angeles… If not now, when?

Ever wonder how to become a Hollywood actor? It doesn’t begin with manicures, parties, or simply hopping off a plane at LAX. It begins with rigorous training at the best of all acting schools in Los Angeles, where currently working professionals push aspiring actors to love the process, not just the product.

Similar to how the army’s boot camp prepares trainees for war; The Actors’ Boot Camp® II prepares you for another kind of battle – SHOW BUSINESS.

After Boot Camp II, you will never be able to return to your civilian life; you will be an actor. You will continue to learn and apply only the relevant aspects of the Meisner Technique and the Michael Chekhov Technique, you will learn true on camera skills so that you can work on any type of shoot, and you will learn and apply business tools and acting audition tips that will get you going in your acting career. We insist not only that you have an appropriate and effective picture and resume by the end of Boot Camp II, but that you also start auditioning.

Admission is by audition or completion of Boot Camp I and invitation into Boot Camp II.

Classes Included

Acting Corps Technique

Twice a week

At this point, we begin transitioning the useful elements of The Meisner Technique to text and exploring working from a point of view. You are also free to engage in other independent activities.

This stage focuses on getting inside your body, using your imagination, attacking the Michael Chekhov Technique and playing with psychological gestures and atmosphere to help you stay in the moment.

Scene Study - Cold Reading

Once a week

Acting is an interpretive art, and the pressures of auditioning require you make immediate and bold choices. You must expertly pick up text off a page and give a polished performance — all while remaining relaxed, spontaneous, and truthful. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but this class exists to get you there.

You will be assigned scenes appropriate to your casting type. You are invited (even encouraged) to make mistakes, so you don’t make them when it counts. You will continue to apply the most useful elements of Meisner and Chekhov to scene work, but with greater attention to actions, objectives, and your character’s arc.

On Camera Technique

Once a week

The training you will get from the Acting Corps, the best of all acting schools in Los Angeles, is invaluable, but actual on-camera work is a different animal altogether. It is important that all acting schools in Los Angeles focus on all aspects of on-camera film and television acting as it exists in today’s fast-paced industry, but only a handful actually do. At The Acting Corps, your on-camera education covers everything from matching action and blocking to performance consistency and coverage.

Using scenes prepared in the Scene Study/Cold Reading class, you will learn all of these vital techniques here and receive expert critiques to permanently deepen your understanding of working in front of the camera.

Business of Show Business

Once a week

In this course, you will determine your “type,” learn how the business works, create the best possible resume, find a photographer, and schedule a shoot date. We will assist you in choosing the right pictures given your type, finalizing your resume, understanding the agent process, and beginning to audition.

By the end of this class you will have your entire business package ready and you will be auditioning with a professional picture and resume.

Still wondering how to be a Hollywood actor? First step: give up the excuses. Are you in or are you out?

Daily Acting Workout


And… included, strongly suggested, but not mandatory:

20 Sessions of The Daily Acting Workout – One hour a day, on your feet, utilizing all of the skills you learned in your acting classes. Whenever you have time, day or night, do your best to make 20 sessions to be attended at your discretion. The all important DAW awaits!