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What makes our acting school unique? It’s simple – we care. Plus the fact that our acting teachers are working professional actors who teach a technique they deeply care about as they make you a better actor. Of the many acting schools Los Angeles offers, some advertise how many celebrities visited their campus, while others brag about how many movie stars attended their classes 50 years ago, but at the end of the day it’s about the acting – can you deliver? How did you spend your time in whatever acting school you attended? Did you spend it partying and rolling into class whenever you felt like it and then pretended to learn from teachers who were pretending to teach? Or did you get to know your teachers as they got to know you, and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, into your acting zone? (Hint: We prefer our students do the latter.)

So what happens after you learn to act? Do we help you start your career? We provide the opportunities, but you help yourself (see videos below) . The Professional Program is 9 months long and you train every single day utilizing the Meisner Technique, The Michael Chekhov Technique, taking scene study, cold reading, on-camera, business of the business, acting technique, and even speech classes. You also get the opportunity to perform on stage every month, starting your fourth month. On top of that, you get to act, both on film and live, in front of Hollywood agents, casting directors, and managers. As a matter of fact, every single member of our Professional Program in 2017 who took part in our two industry show cases was offered representation by a top Hollywood agent. Just check out the testimonials below.

Start Dates

Actors’ Boot Camp® – Basic Training

4 weeks / 20 hours per week

Acting Corps Technique

Utilizing only the useful components of the Meisner Technique and Michael Chekhov Technique, learning to live truthfully in the moment, bringing authenticity to your work as you explore the frightening intimacy and immeasurable joy of actually being present to your acting partner and finding the courage to let go and PLAY.

Scene Study

Beginning to work with text, slowly bringing in the deep connection to your partner found in The Acting Corps Technique acting class, and gaining an understanding of the basic mechanics of playing a scene truthfully and freely.

Cold Reading

Getting a scene “cold,” making powerful acting choices, listening and answering in the moment as you fully commit to your acting partner and your objective in the scene.

The Actors’ Instrument

Opening up your physical instrument through voice and movement work so that you can fully live in your body, experience the moment, and fully embrace your right to create.

The Daily Acting Workout

One Hour a day, every day, on your feet, utilizing all the skills you learn in your acting technique classes.

Actors’ Boot Camp® II – Into Battle

8 weeks / 20 hours per week

Cold Reading/Scene Study

Going deep in your scene work, truly playing actions, staying in the moment the whole time, taking chances, and making bold choices. Creating character, finding a character’s arc, audition technique, mock auditions, breaking down a script into beats, and taking adjustments as you work with scenes appropriate to your type.

Acting Corps Technique

Transitioning from the useful elements of The Meisner Technique into text, working from a point of view, and independent activities. But more often it is about getting in your body, using your imagination, attacking the Michael Chekhov Technique and psychological gestures and atmosphere as you stay in the moment.

Business of Show Business – Your Acting Career Begins NOW

Determining your type, learning the facts about being an actor, creating the best possible resume, finding a photographer, scheduling a shoot date, then bringing back your pictures, choosing the right one given your type, finalizing your resume, absorbing info on agents, submissions, and auditioning. By the end of this class you will have your entire business package ready and you will go on at least one audition. No excuses here – are you in or are you just going to sit in a class somewhere and talk about this acting thing?

On Camera Technique

Difference between frame sizes, matching action, keeping it alive the whole time, learning to hit marks, blocking, coverage, and shooting and playing back scenes. All scenes will be shot digitally, you will get your own individual take, and you will get individual critique during playback.

The Daily Acting Workout

16 Sessions: One hour a day, every day, on your feet, utilizing all the skills you learn in your acting technique classes.

The Advanced Program & Showcase

26 weeks / 572 total hours

During this 26 week acting class course you will gain a deep understanding of character and script analysis, as well as invaluable experience playing many different kinds of parts, in all of the genres you might audition for in todays industry.

Here at our LA acting school, you will also discover an acting technique which you will make your own because you will apply it not only to scenes and cold readings, but also to mock-auditions. You will also have the opportunity to audition for the Industry Showcase, where friends, family, agents, and casting directors will come to see those who are cast in a professionally directed and staged play, you will be out of excuses for not having an acting career and becoming a working actor.

Advanced Scene Study/Cold Reading

Work in all the styles you might audition for, switching gears constantly as you jump from style to style. Read material appropriate to each genre and get practical training so that you are comfortable with everything from episodic TV, to film, to sitcoms.

The Works in Progress Evening

In addition to the Showcase, the 4th Friday of the month serves as an opportunity to put up scenes for the entire school, as well as Acting Corps faculty and Artistic Director Eugene Buica.

Advanced Acting Corps Technique

Keeping your work moment to moment, but exploring ground breaking approaches to finding character through the imagination, learning to work in such a way that your imagination always feeds you, allowing you to create unforgettable performances that are also repeatable in a professional setting, (i.e., you will be able to do what you do more than once, you will be able to do it on take fourteen if necessary.)

The Daily Acting Workout

Attend five of the DAWs offered morning or evening, you choose.