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Hey kids, we’re going to make you famous, the way we did with so and so. Sound familiar? Truth is NO ONE will make you famous.

Famous people get there simply because they crave it and often in spite of their “training”.

So work hard, actually bust your ass, but when you do train, get yourself PRACTICAL, USEFUL acting tools. And no, you’re not allowed to squander your youth doing archaic acting exercises, appearing in front of casting directors before you’re ready, or pretending you’re successful because you are now studying with the person who studied with the person who studied with the person, and so on.

The world renowned Actor’s Boot Camp has 1400 graduates on IMDB and this four hour course will introduce you the tools of the Actors’ Boot Camp. You will see instant results as you apply The Acting Corps Technique.

And yes, you will work in front of a camera.

So come check out The Acting Corps mini version of the original Actor’s Boot Camp as taught by its founder and Artistic Director, Eugene Buica.

If not now, when?

Saturday, April 7th from 11am-3pm

The Acting Corps

To figure out what the hell you’re doing in Hollywood.


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