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Classroom time is great and everyone at The Acting Corps gets plenty of it. But what do you do if you need a structure for working outside of your other acting classes? You need a daily acting workout where you apply all the tools you’re learning on a daily basis for a full hour and where you acquire real acting skills. This is yet another reason why there is only one Los Angeles acting school where you go to if you are ready to put in the serious work.
DAILY ACTING WORKOUT acting class The Daily Acting Workout was created for people in Boot Camp I, Boot Camp II, and The Advanced Program. It is an hour a day, every day, of acting classes where you practice Meisner exercises, Michael Chekhov work, Grotowski work, Spolin, and whatever else will get your body, mind, and voice connected. If you truly want to attain the highest level of acting training, none of the top acting workshops in Los Angeles offer this. But we do – you are invited.

There are morning and evening sessions of the D.A.W, Monday–Friday from 9AM-10AM, and Monday-Thursday, from 6PM-7PM. All enrolled students are encouraged to attend either our morning session, evening, or both – depending on your individual needs. The teachers will all be Acting Corps teachers. There will be no attendance taking, but always be on time. The Daily Acting Workout is ongoing but make sure you call the office first for availability. Our aim is to retain our status as the best training ground and also the best of all acting workshops in Los Angeles. Try our DAW acting classe when you come here and you will see that an extra hour on your feet every day makes all the difference.