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4 Weeks - 40 Classes


Morning: 4 weeks / 5 days a week
Evening: 6 weeks / 3 nights a week

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Why bother with acting classes and acting technique? Because acting training begins with the following question, and there is no learning anything about acting before you answer it: “Is this acting thing just a passing fancy or is it truly my life’s work?” Whatever the answer to this question, you have to know it before you pursue acting. Because if your curiosity about acting really IS just a passing fancy, why bother? Acting Classes in Los Angeles are useless unless they challenge you to the point that you know if acting is your life or just another thing to do before you become a lawyer, accountant or rock star.

Enter The Actors’ Boot Camp® – Acting Classes For The 21st Century. By the end of this intensive original acting boot camp, with 40 acting classes over 4 weeks, you will not only have the answer to the former question, but if you work hard you will have the cornerstone of a strong foundation in Meisner Technique as well as its application to scene work and cold readings.

Why choose The Actors’ Boot Camp?

  • All Acting Corps actors come to their acting classes prepared and on time.
  • We don’t charge you an arm and a leg, and a foot.
  • Acting Corps teachers are working actors with fancy MFA’s from places like Harvard and Yale. They don’t just teach you technique – they teach you how to translate what you are learning into booking actual acting work.
  • Our acting classes aren’t focused on worshipping dead acting teachers who were popular in the 1950’s. We believe that even though some famous actors studied with these teachers, these actors were such forces of nature that they would’ve made it ANYWAY (Was anyone going to keep Brando from being Brando? Come on.)
  • Our approach is uniform, practical, and current. Our updated Meisner Technique acting classes give you all the tools you need to get a job.
  • Students do not teach our acting classes – we invite our students to look for acting jobs instead.
  • We keep our original acting boot camp small, with an average of 12 participants, not 30, or 40, so you can actually work extensively in every class.
  • Our acting classes in Los Angeles showcase your talent so you can earn street cred and maybe even sign with a Hollywood Agent.
  • We answer our phone and try to help you learn how to become an actor. We are here to serve your need for a creative life and an acting career. Just call us, you’ll see.

Classes Included

Acting Corps Technique

Twice a week

Our courses utilize only the useful components of the Meisner Technique and Michael Chekhov acting techniques. You will learn to live truthfully in the moment and bring authenticity to your work. You will find intimacy and immeasurable joy when you learn how to be actually present to your acting partner. You will find the courage to let go and play. Listening and reacting truthfully to another actor from moment to uninterrupted moment is the basic foundation of all acting. The “repetition” exercise is the only approach that actually teaches this foundation. What Sanford Meisner and what every Meisner Technique Program teaches in three to six months, we will accelerate and drill over the four weeks of our acting boot camp. In this condensed amount of time, you will either walk through what may be your deepest fears or you will run away. Some Meisner Technique practitioners who are no strangers to film acting include Robert Duvall, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, William H. Macy, John Malkovich, and Kathy Bates.

Scene Study - Cold Reading

Twice a week

Beginning to work with text, slowly bringing in the deep connection to your partner acquired in the Acting Corps Meisner Technique class, and gaining an understanding of the basic mechanics of playing a scene truthfully and freely. Getting a scene “cold”, making powerful acting choices, listening and answering in the moment as you fully commit to your acting partner and your objective in the scene. Like no other school offering scene study in Los Angeles, The Actors’ Boot Camp actually applies our own proven acting techniques to Cold Reading and Scene Study from the very start. Here you don’t just learn the rudiments of reading a script cold, rehearsing, and getting off book. You learn how to actually apply listening and answering in the moment right away. Actors who want to build technique and have it at their fingertips in auditions and performances are always shocked by the efficiency and success of our original acting boot camp.

Actors' Instrument

Once a week

In this portion of our boot camp, we open up your physical instrument through voice and movement work, so you can fully live in your body, experience the moment, and embrace your right to create.
Augusto Boal, actor, writer, director, and acting coach, said : “…how can expression freely manifest itself throughout an actor’s body, if that very instrument (the body and mind) is mechanized, automated in its muscle structures and insensible to 90% of its possibilities?”  The Actor’s Instrument class will help you develop heightened physical and vocal awareness by exploring the connection between body, breath, thought and impulse, and their relationship to your pure, unfettered expression. Through exercises and actual acting techniques in movement, voice and speech, observation, imagination, relaxation, and spontaneity, you will examine and free your instrument, both internally and externally.

Daily Acting Workout


And…included in our original acting boot camp, strongly suggested, but not mandatory:The Daily Acting Workout – One hour a day, every day, on your feet, utilizing all the skills you learn in your acting technique classes.

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