Accent Reduction

Part of succeeding, as an actor in Hollywood is being able to speak like the person you are playing. So if you weren’t born in America yet you’re playing an American, you have to SOUND like one. Just look at all the Australian movie stars from Russell Crowe to Cate Blanchett – they all know how to speak like Americans – accent reduction has been crucial to their development and success.

If you do the work, this eight week course will give you all that. You will learn how speech functions and how accents develop, followed by intensive study and practice of the consonant and vowel sounds that occur in General American speech. Then you will focus on incorporating these skills into the actor’s expression as you respond to the moment and the given circumstances. You will complete listening and performance assignments, and the result will be true accent reduction and the ability to play a General American accent. Of course you’re expected to work hard outside of class, but if you’re ready to audition in Hollywood, what choice do you have? Also, if you’ve been waiting to finally do this, “If not now, when?”