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So many acting schools in Los Angeles CA, so little time. You must have seen the legions of acting schools taking credit for famous actors’ careers,  actors who went to their schools and were once just like you. And you figure these schools must know something because, after all, the proof is in the pudding.

Here’s the deal: all celebrities studied somewhere; some even went to The Acting Corps. But in and of itself, that does not make us an amazing acting school.

So how do you choose a Los Angeles acting school? How about this: consider the quality of the teaching and the methodology involved. Like how often do you go to class? Once or twice a week or every day? Do you act in every class? Who are the instructors? Are they working actors NOW and where did they go to school?

Because as much as your potential acting school having famous alumni who may have become successful anyway, what also matters is who teaches you. Did they attend MFA programs like Yale or Harvard or NYU, which require years of hard work and serious training? Are they committed to the acting craft to the same degree they’re committed to show business?

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Whatever you wind up doing with your life, like it or not, at some point you will look back on that occupation and call it your life’s work. So choose wisely. And if that doesn’t work, choose acting.

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