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So how do you know which acting school is right for you? By asking yourself what you want. Do you want the promise of celebrity or actual training in the craft and business of acting in Los Angeles? And how do you learn best? In a large institution that rushes you through their programs or in a smaller acting school where teachers actually get to know you and give you the attention you deserve? Also, consider this: who are your classmates? Serious actors who take their training seriously, or young actors who’re spending their parents’ money hanging out at some LA acting school for a couple of years while pretending to be working on becoming movie stars?
Which one is you?


We all want celebrity and global adulation, but other than perfect hair and the most attractive version of ourselves, what do we bring to a casting session and once we get the job, to a television or film set?

For example: Would you have someone fix your car who looks like a mechanic, but really has no idea what do when it comes time to address the problem under the hood? Or would you give the job to someone who has trained as a mechanic and can actually fix the problem?

It’s our belief at The Acting Corps that in order to have a career in Hollywood, you need to become an ACTING EXPERT, which will only happen if you devote yourself to the craft of acting on a DAILY BASIS. And then you need to learn about the business of acting and what you need to do to sell the unique product called YOU.


In terms of acting, what kind of acting are you looking for? Are you a stage actor preparing for Broadway, or do you need to learn the kind of acting that best lends itself to working on a film and TV set? Do you want to learn skills that may fool someone into giving you a job (good luck with that!) or do you want to be able to score the job AND really do the job well?

In addition, when it comes to the business side of acting, do you want to learn where the casting directors are and how to look for agents, or do you ALSO want to learn about your unique brand and how to your to the decision makers and get a paid acting job?


Bear in mind, any success you achieve as an actor is largely dependent on your embracing whatever you bring to the table – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Think of your favorite actor, and without fail this person has fully embraced his or her uniqueness. They got to where they are now because they found the courage to share with the audience their complete and unadorned truth. Sounds scary, but there’s no other way. Movies are a metaphor, but in order for the metaphor to be effective, movies need the conviction of the actor who is unafraid.

If you are up to the challenge, you may want to consider a serious acting training program. We are the only Los Angeles acting school to offer daily classes. Here you will learn the craft of acting from accomplished and currently working instructors, and you will get in front of the camera. 1800 of are graduates who are currently on IMDB after having attended The Acting Corps will attest to our ability to deliver. If you’d like to know more, we invite you to contact us for an interview. No sales job, no promises of celebrity, just the facts and perhaps an invitation to do the work.


Mostly all of our actors begin with the Original Actors’ Boot Camp or The Professional Program. (click here for more)




I’m originally from Belgium and The Acting Corps, was my first encounter with “acting in Hollywood”. And let me tell you, it was amazing!! The stuff they teach you in this school is gold. I still find myself preparing for auditions looking at the notes I wrote down in their classes. I have a sheet on ‘auditioning’ in my planner.

A sheet I once received from Sydney Walsh, in case I’m being called in for a last minute audition and don’t have time to run home and get familiar with the sides. I mostly enjoyed the Daily Acting Workout, Scene study and the WIP. Ah… the Work In Progress… sometimes you perform, sometimes you see others perform. It’s such an enlightening experience to not only work in class, but have a chance to perform in front of an audience and receive feedback. Have I gotten better by taking classes at this place? I sure have. This place will help you grow in so many ways!
I miss The Acting Corps. I really do.

– Jordy T.

Coming to The Acting Corps was definitely one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life. I came to this school wanting to tap into the world of acting, learn techniques and start from scratch. This school introduces you to everything you need when starting in the world of film and acting.

When coming to the Acting Corps, you start out in the Boot Camp 1 Program. Then you move on to Boot Camp 2. In both programs, you learn about the Meisner and Chekhov Techniques. You would think, “Acting is acting. I don’t need any techniques. I just memorize the lines and say them.” NO. There is so much more to that. All of these amazing teachers teach you how to be the character and how to give the most natural and genuine reactions to the scenes. It is such valuable knowledge that they give you here. What I also love about the Boot Camps, they teach you about the business, auditions, how to analyze your scenes–You really can’t get that anywhere else at such an amazing price.

– Jocelyn C.

They really work with the actor, they teach you things you won’t be taught anywhere else. I came to the acting corps to become a better actor, but their making me into a better person. It’s not even about acting anymore, its about being who you are as a person and being proud! I love the acting corps.

I came expecting to gain experience in acting, which I did, but also what else I gained was a family. A family of people who respect my love for the arts. They get you so out of your comfort zone it’s crazy. But it’s something every actor needs to do. What I am gaining from the acting corps I cant gain anywhere else. It’s a sense of mind, and a sense of who I am, I’m finding myself each and everyday at this school. Man I love it!

– Kyle N.

“The Acting Corps and the Actors’ Boot Camp challenges actors to reach deeper and deeper and develop a reliable technique that immediately translates to working on a film or TV show. Artistic Director Eugene Buica is the best acting teacher I know of in Los Angeles, and he has put together a remarkable acting school. Go there.”

Rainn Wilson, Emmy Winner Star of The Office & Backstrom
I support The Acting Corps and the kind of acting classes they teach. It’s true, you don’t need to go to acting school forever in order to learn the craft.
Sydney Pollack, Academy Award and Emmy Winning Director