Will 2016 be like 2015?

//Will 2016 be like 2015?

If there is one thing I learned over 30 years of working with actors and being one, it is this: your search for meaning, your lack of incentive (laziness), your depression, your self loathing, in short, all of your real problems – they will all go away if TODAY you take the simple action of doing the thing you are meant to do. And that’s not a sales pitch or some new age affirmation – it is an observation based on having spent a lifetime making art or avoiding it.

Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself. Spend one hour today acting, writing, dancing, singing, whatever it is that you love. And do it fully. And if it turns into two or more hours, so be it. Then see how you feel.

It’s how our minds work. Often actors and most artists who are blessed with talent are also blessed with a good amount of neurosis. Sanford Meisner would tell us about this and how serving your talent was the only way to keep your neurosis at bay. None of us really knew what he meant, personally I believed that my angst and complete inability to stomach the mundane were just a part of life.

Then over the years I came to the same conclusion, realizing that Sanford Meisner was more than a great acting teacher – he actually understood the nature and condition of the artist. Not to say that it’s been easy or a straight line to bliss on Earth, but acting has given my life purpose and in times of difficulty a reason to persevere.

So if you are thinking about what to do differently in 2016, here’s a thought; why not make it the year of serving your talent?


Eugene Buica