When There Is No Turning Back

//When There Is No Turning Back


There’s something about full on commitment that gives you no option but to succeed. Ancient armies would burn all sources of sustenance behind them as they advanced towards tplan Bheir objective. At that point the soldiers didn’t need inspirational speeches or self-help manuals. To retreat meant certain famine and a slow death, to advance meant not just survival, but also glory.

So why don’t we ever fully commit to anything? It seems we always have a PLAN B. Do we work so hard on our PLAN B because we never intend PLAN A to succeed?

Sure, you can go to medical school just in case acting doesn’t work out (or to make your parents happy). But you’re setting yourself up to fail. The people I’ve seen succeed in my 30 years of doing this are the ones who had no other option. As it turns out, the best PLAN A is the one that doesn’t come with a PLAN B.