What is your message?

//What is your message?

gandhi  My life is my message – Mahatma Gandhi

If that’s the case, what is your message? Do any of the following sound familiar?

I tried to be happy.
I became famous.
I found creative satisfaction.
I had the most fun.
I made a ton of money.
I won.


Anything wrong with these iMessages? Nothing except the I part. They are all based on self. And that’s only human nature, we all have our agendas. But why do these modes of existence hardly ever lead to happiness? Because the assumption is that unless we do to ourselves and for ourselves we will never get ours.

Grandhi was a flawed human being but also enlightened. His life was a message of compassion and giving to others. And he did all that as he stood up to the British Empire and won . One must imagine him a happy man.