asdfThe number one question we get asked all day long at The Acting Corps: “Sure, you have amazing teachers, but how much are the acting classes?” And it makes a great deal of sense for a student to figure out if what we charge fits the student’s training budget.

But here’s something to consider – if your only criterion for choosing an acting school or acting classes is price, you may be pricing yourself out of the training you deserve. For example, if you needed surgery, would you look for the cheapest surgeon? Or if you were learning to skydive, would you consider only the least expensive skydiving schools?

Remember, if money is holding you back from getting the training you need, there are ways to get around that. I don’t know of any decent acting school that would turn down a serious, dedicated student just because she doesn’t have enough money.

There is a price tag to the things you want to do in this life and there are also risks associated with that price.  In the case of acting school or acting classes these risks include believing the hype and paying for ineffective training. Conversely, if you do nothing, what’s the price of not serving your talent?