Do people and actors deal with rejection differently?

//Do people and actors deal with rejection differently?



In the real world when people interview for jobs they don’t get they draw the following conclusions:


I probably don’t have enough experience for the job.
I messed up the interview.
They didn’t like me.
I probably don’t want to work there anyway.

In show business when actors audition for jobs we don’t get we draw the following conclusions:

They can’t perceive the true nature of genius.
The reader was a hack.
I am a hack.
I have wasted my life and will die broke, alone, and anonymous.
When will I finally get to prove to the losers back home that I am better than them?
I need to lose weight.
I need to gain muscle.
Is twenty-four too soon for a facelift?
My acting teacher is an idiot and I should be in class with other celebrities.
I need cold reading skills.
And on-camera technique.
It’s that pizza I ate last Wednesday.
I have to leave my boyfriend/girlfriend.
I should date women/men instead.
L.A. sucks.
I am really a stage actor.
I am really a film actor. (Then why didn’t I get the part – it’s a TV show!!!)
I need TV acting classes.
My mother really messed me up.
My dad was a drunk.
But that’s why I am so talented.
I am going to quit acting altogether.
I will build a theater on Orcas Island. It’s close to Seattle and very pretty.
I hope my agent doesn’t fire me.
I need a better agent.
I should have done my acting exercises before the audition.
Maybe my parents didn’t love me because I am not lovable.

(…pause as actor checks Facebook…then a REVELATION:)

I will write, direct and star in my own productions on Orcas Island.