Correct Acting

//Correct Acting

Correct thinking, correct behavior, and correct ACTING allow little room for
the creative instinct. The creative instinct has little to do with pleasing anyone because the artist in you will not be censored and dictated to so that he or she conforms to the correct worldview du jour.

The artist in you marches to the beat of a different drummer, and that beat is often darker, deeper, and far more mysterious than socially correct thinking and behavior allow for.

Consider this: the creative rebellion raging inside of you will never manifest itself in your work or in your career if you don’t give it free reign. Neither will your desperate need for meaning and connection with others. Meaning that if your work is courageous and true, it will contain joy, rage, and elements of the human condition previously unknown to you. If your work is safe, calculated, and CORRECT, though you may get a few extra likes on Facebook and inspire a few “friends”, you will change no one.

So maybe it’s time to determine what you’re after. Is it everyone’s good opinion or the elusive brass ring of self-expression? Because you can’t have both.

So which one is you?