Would Hollywood like you better if you were better looking?

//Would Hollywood like you better if you were better looking?


Sure, you have to look good in Hollywood, because the better you look, the more parts you’ll get. But is that true? To some extent, but not really. There are supermodels who can’t get acting jobs to save their lives, and there are people who look like, well, people – and they book acting work all the time.

You know why beginning actors want to look “perfect” before they start looking for acting jobs? Because they’re afraid of rejection. “So let me look like my favorite movie star before I subject myself to the rigors of the audition process so that I can be guaranteed success. In the mean time I will pretend to work on my acting but won’t really do much until I am ready for my close-up.” It’s a con, and the willing victim is its perpetrator. It’s the actor in question who lives in a state of suspended animation a la Hollywood, or if you will, purgatory. You will never look perfect, be perfect, and if you think plastic surgery will make you a star you need, among other things, a little career counseling.

You know what Barbara Streisand said when Hollywood told her to get a nose job? She told them to go fun themselves. Aware as she was of the size of her nose, she was MORE aware of the size of her talent. She knew who she was and she was right, big nose or not.

So consider that you may have more to offer than your bone structure. Yes, TV and film are visual media, but without the substance you bring to the table through your ACTING, no one will care. Conversely, if you’re a GREAT actor, you will eventually work, and that’s because they NEED you.

Ask yourself, what’s your favorite TV show? One of mine is HBO’s “The Night Of” with John Turturro. Yes, there are some good-looking people on there, but hardly. What the show does offer is great writing, sublime acting, and a story well told. The producers needed and still need talented actors to play those parts because the story is about people, not supermodels. And this show’s audience has little interest in some sugarcoated exhortation that peddles flesh over substance; this is the kind of show this audience requires. I am a member of that audience and look forward to the day when you appear on that show and many others, bringing us your imperfection and by default, your humanity.