Look, we’re all in show business to get something - more work than the next person, more money, more respect, more fans, a better agent, a better deal…you get the picture. On days when the above are about to happen, and then they DO happen, oh joy! “I have more, so I must be more!!! I was right all along, and they (my parents, friends, significant others, and all detractors) were DEAD WRONG. I must be truly SPECIAL.” And the following day or the following week you’re back to what? You being that day’s version of you. “Oh, no, not this [...]

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10 Things For A Young and Commited Actor To Remember

You will waste your youth doing the thing you love most. You will admire people who are not worth your time. You will accept that the words no and yes can both mean no. You will doubt yourself most of the time. You will see people worse than you succeed and better than you fail. You will quit a thousand times and pick yourself up off the floor a thousand and one times. You will often consider getting a real job but soon come to your senses. You will learn to serve your talent no matter what. You will discover that [...]

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Classroom Acting And The Real World

Do you know the biggest difference between classroom actors and actors working on a film or TV set? Classroom actors need a week to learn their lines, lots of rehearsal to put the scene on its feet, and a few more weeks to crack the part. Professional actors need about 10 minutes. Why? Professional actors have a job to do where time is of the essence. The entire set is dedicated to getting the shot and moving on to the next one. If the scene needs a rewrite, or it’s just been written minutes before, your job is to learn it [...]

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Show Business and Who You Are

Everyone talks about show business, what it is and what it is not. They tell you the rules, the way things work, and how to get ahead. But just because that’s how THEY got ahead (if they’re so far ahead, why are they selling you classes on how to get ahead?), doesn’t mean the same path is true for you. You are you and they are not. Truth is, show business is like the stock market - nobody knows anything. So is it better to listen to the experts or just toss a coin? My take on it is this, and [...]

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Notes From The Casting of a TV Pilot

Casting. Having just cast a TV pilot, here are some final, unadorned thoughts on the process : Who do we remember?   The actors who were amazing – they came in prepared, took chances, changed the energy in the room by putting their personal stamps on the part, and in some cases making us see their character in a totally different light. Oh, we also remember the people who came in unprepared and just READ their lines. Who have we forgotten?   The actors who did not take chances – they did what they thought was appropriate or clever but really did not [...]

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