The Advanced Program & Showcase


Congratulations to 2014 Industry Showcase Actors who got representation from the Showcase: – look here for upcoming showcase successes!

Antonio Antonio Colon
Gui Gui Meriade
Danny Brenes Daniel Brenes

Sava Sava Kaloyanov
Chad Perkins Chad Perkins

The Advanced Program acting class in Los Angeles ONGOING

Only auditioning, committed actors are invited to The Advanced Program. Why? Because as one of the top acting schools in Los Angeles, we spare no effort or expense in getting you in shape and in front of agents, managers and casting directors. During this ongoing course, you will gain a deep understanding of character and script analysis, as well as invaluable experience playing many different kinds of parts in all of the genres you might audition for in today’s industry. At our prestigious acting academy in Los Angeles, you will also discover an acting technique which you will make your own because you will apply it not only to scenes and cold readings, but also to mock-auditions and actual performances, either in the Works In Progress (WIP) evenings, or The PROFESSIONAL SHOWCASE, where friends, family, agents, managers, and casting directors will come to see you (if cast) in a professionally directed and staged play. At some point during this program, you will discover you are out of excuses for not becoming a working actor. Do acting schools help your career? Yes, we do, but only if you’ve put in the work.

The Advanced Program Classes

Advanced Scene Study/Cold Reading acting class

Advanced Scene Study/Cold Reading

Work in all the styles you might audition for, switching gears constantly as you jump from style to style. Read material appropriate to each genre and get practical training so that you are comfortable with everything from episodic TV, to film, to sitcoms. Evenings Monday or Thursday 7.30-10.30 PM Afternoons Friday 2-5 PM

Advanced Scene Study/Cold Reading acting class

Advanced Acting Corps Technique

The Acting Corps Technique – keeping the moment to moment work learned in the Meisner Technique classes, but exploring ground breaking approaches to finding character through the imagination. Then, using the best elements of The Michael Chekhov Technique, learning to work in such a way that your imagination always feeds you, allowing you to create unforgettable performances that are also repeatable in a professional setting, i.e., you will be able to do what you do more than once, you will be able to do it on take fourteen if necessary. Evenings Tuesday or Wednesday 7.30-10.30 PM Afternoons Tuesday 2-5 PM

Advanced Scene Study/Cold Reading acting class

Professional Showcase


Many acting schools showcase their talent. For the most part, it is actors putting up scenes they’ve done in class with very little guidance. The result is hit of miss, and you’re not really shown in the best possible light. At The Acting Corps, we work hard to put on an amazing show, one of the best in town – agents and managers who attend other acting schools’ showcases tell us so. Only selected participants will represent The Acting Corps in a Professional Showcase. It is a well-rehearsed show where actors perform, over a few evenings, for members of the entertainment industry. On average, thirty to forty industry guests come to the Professional Showcase, including representatives from Dreamworks, William Morris Endeavor, and CAA. Many former participants in the Professional Showcase have signed with agents and managers as a result.

Daily Acting Workout


One hour a day, every day, on your feet, utilizing all the skills you learn in your acting technique classes – none of the many Los Angeles acting schools offer this. Attend any ONE of the The Daily Acting Workouts offered morning or evening, you choose.

The Works in Progress Evening (WIP)


In addition to the SHOWCASE, the 4th Friday of the month serves as an opportunity to put up scenes for the entire school, as well as Acting Corps faculty and Artistic Director Eugene Buica.

The danger of any acting class or program in acting schools in Hollywood is that after a while we become comfortable working in front of our peers, we begin to suspect that certain choices will win praise from our teachers while other choices will be met with dissatisfaction. Truth is, without the discomfort and excitement of acting for an audience of some kind, we can stagnate and carry on business as usual. Created especially for the Advanced Program and The Master Class, the Works in Progress evening is just that- a place to put up work that is in progress. You are encouraged to bring scenes, monologues, whatever you are working on. The most important thing to remember is that this is a WORKSHOP, not opening night on Broadway. It is a place to fail, succeed, and fail again – hopefully learning a thing or two along the way. The audience will be composed mainly of actors and teachers from our acting academy in Los Angeles. Some of The Acting Corps teachers, including Artistic Director Eugene Buica, will be on hand to support you and to help decide the winner of that evening’s PRIZE.