Acting Classes

Actors Boot Camp

The Actors' Boot CampThe Actors’ Boot Camp®

4 weeks

Everyone wants to get it done quickly. And perhaps the term Actors’ Boot Camp® suggests that you come here, put in your four weeks of acting classes, and voila, your concern of how to become an actor is immediately addressed. Not so fast. Yes, you get basic acting technique and scene study, but it’s only the beginning of your acting career. Having said that, there have been those who go on to book acting jobs after The Actors’ Boot Camp®. But in order to keep getting jobs, actors must keep training and attending rigorous acting classes. Think of it like a sport; you can learn the fundamentals of basketball in a few weeks, but to get to the NBA without ever going to practice again…? It’s just not a reality.

Learn MoreYet you have to start somewhere, so you might as well start with the strongest, most concentrated and serious four weeks of acting training anywhere.

Professional Acting Programs

The Professional ProgramThe Professional Program

9 months

Don’t you wish sometimes you had all the time in the world to not only figure out how to become an actor but actually become one? For those fortunate to have that luxury, the Professional Program combines all of the acting classes at The Acting Corps. It’s Boot Camp® I, Boot Camp® II, and 6 months of The Advanced Program. In short, it’s everything we do, meaning 22 hours a week of training, plus rehearsals and shows, for 9 months. Learn More It’s not for everyone, but it is for those who have dedicated themselves to acting. Before enrolling, make sure your commitment is firm, and you know what you want. You are in for the most exhilarating ride of your life. And yes, for those who come from other countries (like Australia) to explore their passion to the fullest, we offer a student Visa

The Actors' Boot Camp II

The Actors' Boot Camp IIThe Actors’ Boot Camp® II

8 weeks

After The Actors Boot Camp®, you’ve got the basics, but what’s next? You keep repeating the basics until they become you. You challenge yourself (this time for 8 weeks) with on camera work, advanced technique, scene study, cold reading, mock auditions, and agent interviews. As you do this you also prepare to go out in the world and book an acting job. That’s right, at the end of The Actors’ Boot Camp® and Boot Camp® II (12 weeks altogether), you should have all of the acting skills you need to get some kind of acting work. It may not be a lead in a movie with Jennifer Lawrence, but most people do book something.  Learn MoreIn addition to acting classes, Boot Camp II® gives you invaluable business skills, including a unique process of branding yourself. After all, how can you finally figure out how to become an actor and sell yourself to Hollywood if you don’t really know the product?

The Working Actor Package

Working actor iconThe Working Actor Package

3 months

There are those who come to Hollywood, manage to get an audition, go in hoping for the best, and fail miserably. While there is something to be said for that kind of moxie, there’s also something to be said for not burning bridges. Meaningz you only get one shot at a relationship with a casting director, director, or producer. So give it your best. Learn MoreThe Working Actor Package, with Boot Camp I and II acting classes back to back, gives you everything you need to book the part, including a personalized way to market yourself. It will leave you with one thing: NO EXCUSES, you now know how to become an actor. So what are you waiting for?

The Advanced Program

Advanced program iconThe Advanced Program


The Advanced Program is one of the top rated acting classes in Los Angeles and an incredible networking opportunity in Los Angeles for working actors or those beginning to look for work. Why? Firstly, all of our instructors are working actors. You get to learn practical tools and develop a strong acting technique, which applies to working in film and TV today. Then, you study with teachers whose work you can see on television or at the movies. Learn MoreOur acting classes also provide plenty of opportunities to showcase your talent in front of agents and managers. As a matter of fact, the Acting Corps’ showcase is the hottest ticket in town. Forty to fifty agents and managers usually attend, and after the last showcase, agents and managers brought in 13 out of our the 15 actors in our show. We challenge anyone to beat those numbers.

Daily Acting Workout

Daily Acting Workout iconDaily Acting Workout

Everyone says, is this an exercise class? Yes and no. No, it’s not like pumping iron at the gym, but it is exercise that works all of the tools you’ve learned in our acting classes, for an entire hour, on your feet. If you haven’t noticed by now, people who are good at anything are good, because they’ve done something many times over and over. Learn MoreAnd that’s the idea here. This acting workshop is a great way to start your day and it’s a great way to say to the world, first thing in the morning, “Hey, I’m an actor!!!”

Career Series

The On Acting Series

On Acting Series iconThe On Acting Series

Learn MoreEugene Buica interviews successful actors and directors at The Acting Corps. Featuring Sydney Pollack, Rainn Wilson, Peter Facinelli and others.