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Rainn Wilson about The Acting Corps acting school

Rainn Wilson: “Artistic Director Eugene Buica is the best acting teacher I know of in Los Angeles, and he has put together a remarkable acting studio. Go there.”   more

Rainn Wilson about The Acting Corps acting school

Sydney Pollack: “I came to speak at The Acting Corps because I support The Acting Corps and the way you guys go about doing business… if Sandy (Sanford Meisner) were around today, this is the kind of school he would have.”   more

Acting Classes? Why Do I Need Them?

There are twenty examples of people becoming famous in Hollywood, either on reality television, on TMZ, and for five minutes even on YouTube. And certainly that is a valid way to go, if that’s what you want. So why bother with acting classes? Unlike the athletes who have cameos in movies and the hip hop musicians who have overnight film careers, there twenty thousand examples of successful actors have trained and trained hard (1400 of them at our school…), and many still do. Their PR people may not talk about it, but many movie stars are still taking acting classes.

And yes, when looking for acting coaches Los Angeles has many to offer, so why our school? One reason is that, instead of the platitudes and compliments you receive at other acting schools, we teach true acting technique, based on The Sanford Meisner Technique and The Michael Chekhov Technique. And though it’s not always easy, we always tell you the truth about what we see in you and how you can improve. The honest approach isn’t for everyone, but if you come prepared to work and jump into the fire we call acting, you will no longer long for Texas, Australia, or whatever home you gave up for the chance at success in Los Angeles. By applying yourself and embracing the challenges of the painstaking art we call acting, you will discover you are home.

Yes, it’s OK to contact us and set up an interview. Are you looking for that special acting coach Los Angeles only can provide? You want acting classes at the best acting school in town? You may want to give us a call.

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Why Go To The Acting Corps – Continued…

Every day a new bright-eyed transplant lands at a LAX, hopeful, eager, determined to succeed. You are an actor, you were the star of every school play or knew you could have been, you were deemed beautiful, talented, and extraordinary for years. Now you’ve decided to make this happen by enrolling in one of the many Los Angeles acting classes. The only thing is, you don’t know where to start…

So how do you find acting classes when you come to Los Angeles? The first thing to determine is what kind of actor you want to be, because Los Angeles acting schools attract only two kinds of actors: Those who believe they must find and learn from an acting coach Los Angeles is proud to call its own (at a reputable acting school) or those who want to learn just enough acting so they don’t embarrass themselves when someone “offers” them an acting job. Which one are you?

Certainly the acting industry has employed both types of actors (as well as the professional extra), so which one are you? Here’s a little quiz that may help:

Do you think just by coming to Los Angeles and “putting yourself out there” you’re bound to be discovered?

Do you believe that networking your way into an audition is more important than knowing what to do when you get there?

When you see great acting do you think that maybe the director will just show you how to do that on set or do you believe that acting classes can actually help prepare you?

When you come to Los Angeles, will you spend more time at the hair and nail salon than working on your acting?

Do you believe that partying with the right people will get you a big part in a major motion picture?

You guessed it. If you answered yes to any of these questions, Los Angeles acting schools will do very little for you other than take your money. But if you answered no, here’s the truth – consider The Acting Corps – The Best Acting Classes in Los Angeles.

Set up an interview or call us at 818.753.2800.

If not now, when?

Our Drug of Choice

Acting is our drug of choice. But unlike any other drug, we'll never outgrow this drug, we'll never recover from it, and there's no rehab in the world that will make us stop indulging in it.
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